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Who are we????

Well we have always been a small on-line boutique that specializes in those unique items…but after Covid-19 happened I had time to reflect on what we really wanted to be, and what we really wanted to concentrate on…so I sat back and reflected that we had been trying to appeal to the masses and I had forgot our mission…so I have taken time to research what and who I really wanted to carry, and the fact that I not only wanted to focus on providing USA designed products, but they had to be manufactured here as well…this is not as easy to find as one would think!


So after hours of research and contacts we are re-launching our site with two featured designers…Lauren Moshi and Leahlani Skin Care!!!!


Our Lauren Moshi order is only about a quarter complete on the site, we expect the rest of our order to get to us within a couple of weeks, so we will have some amazing new styles coming soon.


We have expanded to the entire line of Leahlani Skin Care and will be adding some odds and ends to that line soon.


Now as my awesome customers if you know of any designers that you would like to see in Women’s Fashion, Beauty, Body Care, or Home Goods from a USA designed and manufactured company, drop me an email at blushingmoonsboutique261@gmail.com I am always open to finding more designers to research!


Bless You All For Supporting Blushing Moons!





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